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Why does it matter to have a VISION?


Shamanism Definition – A vision quest¹ is a rite of passage in some Native American cultures. The ceremony is one of the most universal and ancient means to find spiritual guidance and purposen -to offer a deeper understanding of one’s life purpose.

Modern Definition². Vision is a faculty, state of being able to see. The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. A mental image, an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or a supernatural apparition.

 Now, let’s bring it down to earth –and simple.

Vision Statement in Business . The vision statement is a declaration of an organization’s objectives (mid-term or long-term), based on economic foresight –and guide internal decision-making (action-plan).

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Is the New Learning Paradigm having only to do with a New Mind-Set?

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New Technologies of Communication lead the path in providing a new conceptual framework to the Industry of Education and Training Services. Long-term learning becomes accessible and easier in favour of building rapidly skills –and mostly at low fees.

New Psychology of Conscious Learning involves the multi-dynamic of an Online Community System that enhance free knowledge sharing through virtual networking. This type of education promotes simple instructions based on a specific study-case granting the relationship problem-solution. This system offers valuable social media materials and resources with no time constraint and no geographical limitation.

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Effective Communication

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I was challenged lately on some definitions. Words have their meaning as well their frequencies. Some, traditional and as well modern cultural linguistics teaches high frequency words, important words for the learners of any language. Marketing uses the so-called technic of effective frequency, a number of time a person must be exposed to an advertising message.

I had to de-(re)program the labelling around communication – (from Latin) communicare meaning ‘to share’. I was not sure what it meant anymore. I was doubting on what it takes. So, I checked. And, I simply (re)integrated the basics.

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Stress Matrix to Understand the Stress Cycles, Impacts and Effects

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Nadia (Naziha) Cherradi

Spectrum of stress symptoms¹ – Eustress known as positive stress can be beneficial as producing a boost of energy to get through situations like exams, competition or work deadlines. More people are reporting increased responsibilities in the workplace, where time seems to be shrinking as each month passes. Around 48% of the total workforce had reported sick at least once last year, and 23% of the sickness absence were directly work-related ; consequently acute stress leads to major financial impacts on businesses performances and motivation.

  • Behavioural Symptoms: sleeping too much or too little, eating more or less and not healthy, nervous habits, fidgeting, feet tapping, …
  • Cognitive Symptoms: inability to concentrate, lacking in focus, anxious or racing thoughts, seeing only the negative, suspicious, …
  • Emotional Symptoms: moodiness, overreaction to petty annoyances, agitation, inability to relax, general unhappiness, frustration, hostility,…
  • Physical Symptoms: neck aches, back pain, muscle…

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Expat From The Self

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The Way to Turn Greatest Failure into Blissful Success

How to Cope with Stress @ Work?

Self-Work E-Book for your Wellbeing, based on True Life Story

My aim with this e-book is to share with you my personal and professional experiences – as a simple and valuable educational tool. This is an introduction to stress management with solutions for the negative side effects of stress.

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What is the Real Meaning of Customer Service Support?

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I would like to start reminding ourselves with some basic definitions. It is essential to bear in mind of plausible culture differences in term of service and support definitions – and of their level of expected commitment.

Assisting define as giving support on finding a solution

Helping define as giving aid or assistance

Serving define as being useful to treat someone’s interest or need

Supporting define as maintaining or advocating someone’s without giving way

Customer service support is the process of ensuring customer appreciation and satisfaction whatever the interaction mode chosen.

Your how-to-do and what-to-sell are lifted-up with the right setting of your customer service and support you want to grant your clients. Meaning, there is a coherence between your what you bring at the disposal of your customers and how you want to carry forward your relationship with them: call center, contact center, helpdesk, service desk, social customer multichannel, customer experience, loyalty retention, customer satisfaction and service quality, customer centric, customer service excellence, customer focus-oriented, customer centered, etc.

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Why Wom’Entrepreneur Stress Should Not Be Ignored?

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A few months ago, I worked on a project focused on the female entrepreneurship: why women find it more complex to start their own businesses? What is altering women’s business success? Inspired, I interviewed some small-business owners members from an energetically women business network facilitating as a platform of savoir-faire and passion. One of my immediate observation was: women tend to vision a sustainable business growth supporting financially family needs, closest community, and as well network. My second observation was to note the most common stressors: time management, fear of failure or of success, perfectionism and negative thinking.

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